Janice Morrow Marketing & PR is a full service marketing and public relations firm based in northeastern New Mexico’s ranching country with clients around the state and beyond.

A boutique agency, Janice Morrow Marketing & PR is focused on strategies for New Mexico’s not-for-profit organizations and small businesses. Offering innovative strategies that blend traditional and new media practices, Janice Morrow Marketing & PR helps underdogs gain exposure, attract and retain clients and build a lasting brand.

Janice Morrow began as a television news reporter in 1997 and quickly learned her strength was in telling the story of small businesses and non-profits. In 1999, she turned her attention toward working for these small businesses and non-profits. Today, she works with a variety of clients ranging from private schools, Native American-specific health programs, and agriculture-related clients.

An underdog herself, Janice has survived next to the big agencies and big budgets to help small organizations and businesses achieve their big goals to do a lot of good within their communities.

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